About Creative Montessori Learning Center in Lombard, IL

The history of Creative Montessori learning Center dates back to the mid-sixties. It was founded in west suburban Elmhurst as an early education non-profit organization. In December 1979, Edgewood Elementary school was purchased from the Villa Park school district and the Elmhurst Montessori School was relocated there. In June 1987, the school was re-incorporated under its present name Creative Montessori Learning Center.
Drawing together in Lombard, IL
Cute little preschool kids drawing in Lombard, IL
Two cute little preschool kids drawing in Lombard, IL
The school is located in Lombard, Illinois -- 1/2 block north of Madison St. on Edgewood, 5 blocks west of Westmore (Meyer Rd) and 4 blocks east of Main St. The Creative Montessori Learning Center is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. all year.
Facilities include a 5000 sq. ft. single story building with five large classrooms furnished with Montessori educational materials. The facility is also equipped with variety of toys and other materials for different day care activities. Children enjoy approximately 2 acres of park-like lawn and playground with large sand boxes that have equipment installed for large motor development activities. The school is surrounded by a fence and is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood.